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Jun. 19th, 2019 04:26 am
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Since I started strewing this guy around, instead of keeping him to himself, I feel the need to clarify a few details about him, so that people know what's going on and so that I don't get them mixed up. So!

Things you need to know about Mitchell "Mitch" Malone (Please, please keep in mind that this is OOCly available information, to be kept OOC.):

He is a habitual liar. At any given time, there's a decent 70% chance he's lying his ass off about something or other. He is very good at this, and unless nervous (say, confronted by someone unusually threatening, or about an emotional topic) it's going to be fairly difficult to tell whether he is or isn't.

He is wanted, under a handful of aliases, for questioning in connection with various robberies, thefts, cons, gang activity, an illegal fight ring, et cetera, in his universe's New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, as well as a few smaller towns in-between.

He has never killed anyone. He has never used a gun. Nothing lasts forever.

He is Bruce Wayne. Yes, that's probably not a shock. After Joe Chill's death, a good six months ago, and Bruce's visit to Falcone, he left Gotham, hopping on a boat that was headed to Europe. Unfortunately, being a clueless little rich kid, he was caught before the night was out, and thrown off the ship in New York. (This is where his universe diverges from the movies.) Since then, he's made his living any way he can, mostly criminal. He has a near-compulsive need to involve himself with the worst elements he can find, and learn everything he can about what they do and why and how they do it.

(However, if a group or person he does business with crosses an arbitrary 'line,' where their activities threaten to harm people in a more than monetary way, he will often rat them out to the police, anonymously, or otherwise sabatoge their efforts.)

He seeks out new places with as much drive as he seeks out the criminal element. Staying in one city for too long, making too many connections, makes him nervous. He's always a little bit afraid that if he gets too close to a person, they'll die. J is the first person that he's actually traveled somewhere with.

He's an accomplished lock-picker and pickpocket, fluent in French and Spanish (especially insults, mostly Mexican and Puerto-Rican), and a hell of a bruiser in a fight.

He is not a teetotaler. He is, in fact, a fairly heavy drinker and abuser of other substances. He has no real reason not to drink, yet, and alcohol is an easy way to stop himself from thinking about the things he doesn't want to think about.

He was starting his seventh year at Princeton when he went AWOL. Though brilliant, he was never a dedicated student, and flirted with academic suspension more than once.

He still remembers Alfred's phone number. He's still yet to call it. He's been close a few times, though.


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